Leaving comments on test pictures

I’ve had quite a few emails lately about the Facebook comments widget on test pages inadvertently posting to walls. The comment widget is created and provided by Facebook and I unfortunately don’t have much control over it other than site-wide admin tasks (such as banning users). I don’t have control over individual comments and I can’t post to someone’s wall or delete a post from someone’s wall.

BUT I certainly do understand that many of you are posting & commenting on test pictures that you don’t necessarily want to share with your Facebook connections, so it’s frustrating when your comments somehow end up on your wall.

For that reason, I’ve decided to switch away from the Facebook comments plugin and have switched to Disqus. This is a popular commenting service so you may well have come across it on other websites!

You can:

  • Comment anonymously, without having to login at all, or
  • You can set up a Disqus account (so that it’s entirely separate from your social accounts),  or
  • You can log in through any of the popular social networks.

Disqus also allows flagging of inappropriate comments and upvoting/downvoting.

Hopefully this will be a better solution for everyone! Please let me know if you have any comments or problems.

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New upload method available

I’ve been looking at ways to make the upload facility more stable, as some people have been experiencing server timeouts when trying to add test pictures.

So, I’ve added a new upload method which uses Amazon’s servers to upload and store the main HPT photos.  Hopefully this will be more stable!

As this method is still quite new, I’ve kept the old upload page available in case anyone has any problems.

Both are available from the ‘My HPTs‘ page.

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New SIDS Study: Bedsharing Increases Risk

A new study has been published which concludes that bedsharing increases the risk of SIDS.

From the BMJ article:

Conclusions Bed sharing for sleep when the parents do not smoke or take alcohol or drugs increases the risk of SIDS. Risks associated with bed sharing are greatly increased when combined with parental smoking, maternal alcohol consumption and/or drug use. A substantial reduction of SIDS rates could be achieved if parents avoided bed sharing.”

A more reader-friendly summary (i.e. with less medical jargon than the BMJ article!) can also be found on the BBC News website.

Will this new study affect your current or future choices with regards to your baby’s sleeping arrangement?

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“Smoking test” to be given to pregnant women (UK)?

It’s been reported in the UK press today that NICE has recommended that all pregnant women be given a carbon monoxide test to check if they are smokers.  The idea being that those testing positive would be pointed in the direction of NHS smoking cessation advice.

The Royal College of Midwives thinks that this will damage the relationship between mums-to-be and their midwife.

Surely if you smoke then you probably already know where to find cessation advice (if you want it), or can simply ASK?

Midwives already ask mums-to-be if they smoke.  Implying that they cannot be trusted by then performing a carbon monoxide test designed to catch them out can’t possibly do much for the mum-to-be / midwife bond?

I’m not sure what the cost of the test / testing devices would be, but it is really a necessary expense for the NHS?

What do you think?


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New way to leave comments

I’ve switched to using the Facebook comments plugin, so you’ll now see that box at the bottom of each test page.  As well as using your Facebook account, you can also login through Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail – with more ways to login being added by Facebook soon.

Hopefully this will streamline the commenting function a bit more and allow for easier interaction!

Please let me know if you have any problems.


** UPDATE 11 MARCH 2014 **

After a number of emails letting me know that the Facebook comments plugin was misbehaving, I’ve switched to Disqus which allows anonymous commenting.  Full details here! 

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Test comment subscriptions are now active!

You can now subscribe to receive an email every time a comment is approved on a test. You’ll find the subscription box at the bottom of every test page at the comments section.

Check it out!

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Emails when a comment is left?

Would it be useful to have the option to receive an email when someone leaves a comment on your test picture?

Have asked this on the Facebook page too – so pop over and join, if you haven’t already :)

UPDATE: Tis done!

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We’re on Facebook!

I’ve just created a Facebook page, so you can view pee sticks to vote on direct on your Wall!

Join here:

Find us on Facebook

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Apologies for the outage…

We seem to be having some problems on the main site!  The server guys are looking into it at the moment so hopefully we’ll be back online shortly.

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NHS bans c-sections…

… unless the mother’s life is at risk by delivering naturally.

A number of NHS trusts have now banned women from having c-sections unless their life is in danger, as unnecessary c-sections “waste millions of pounds of NHS money each year”.

Trusts affected so far include: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Herefordshire, Bristol, South Staffordshire, County Durham, Dorset, Derbyshire, and Bournemouth and Poole.

What do you think?  Good thing or bad thing?

Read more

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